December 17, 2020

Would you rather…. this holiday season?

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, giving us the opportunity to either spend more time at home with friends, family or by ourselves choosing to take up new hobbies, dive in the world of streaming movies and television, or to immerse ourselves in outdoor environments. Now that 2020 is almost over, we want to ask you: what are your plans for the holidays and going into 2021? Would you rather…

Be Somewhere Busy or Somewhere Quiet?

True, California is staying at home right now, but if you’re out and about outdoors, you still have an opportunity to run into people. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are just some of California’s major urban centers. Would you rather be in a big city during the holidays, or spend time somewhere more quiet — say in the countryside, or at a national park?

Be Active or Actively Watching Television?

There are some amazing shows on streaming services this holiday season, and 2020 has definitely been the year of the couch potato. However, the amazing weather that California is seeing this holiday season provides the opportunity to spend some time outdoors. What does that mean? How about packing the car or truck with the skis or snowboard. Or maybe it means just parking at home and taking in some great holiday movies on Neflix. Which would you rather be doing?

Doing a Home Project or Relaxing (Poolside)?

Having some time off during the holidays is a great opportunity to tackle some long-awaited home projects! Home Depot may be a short drive away, but sometimes it’s tough to get the courage to finally go there, and take up that home project. Maybe it’s fixing a sink or adding a wing to your house… whatever it may be, this may be the time of year to finally do it. Or, if you have a pool or a nice yard, maybe it’s time to spend it relaxing some more in the great Southern California weather. Which would you rather do?

Be at the Beach or the Peak of the Mountain?

In California, the holiday season provides us the opportunity to actually choose our seasons. This is because the weather is still rather temperate this time of year, affording us the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy that famous California sunshine. California also has a vast and varying geography, where you can be at the beach in the morning and atop the nearest mountain range in the afternoon. So, we ask, where would you rather be, at the beach or the mountains, during the holidays?

We’re still deciding what we’d rather be doing this holiday season, but know what we want to do in 2021! We want to continue where we left off, providing virtual and other opportunities for conferences and events for our amazing clients. We wish everyone the best this holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the coming year!

MAIN PHOTO: Streaming Television Unsplash

WRITTEN BY: Oshin Aivazian

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