January 27, 2021

Spring Scenes at UCLA

Punxsutawney Phil will make his annual appearance on February 2nd, Groundhog Day, to tell us if its going to be a long Winter or early Spring. Although Phil is a global celebrity, we’re already in the mood for an early Spring, and we’re seeing it at UCLA! It may not be Spring yet, but we’re already feeling like it is – and want to share some of our Spring images from last year with you, to get you in the Spring mood too.

Walking to Class

Walking to class under this Spring sun is a great experience, especially down Bruin Walk, lined with trees and an uplifting spirit that it’s time to soak up some knowledge.

Pauley Pavilion

With Spring sports in full swing, it’s an uplifting feeling when you walk past Pauley Pavilion, home of UCLA basketball, that has won so many championships, in fact the most in men’s basketball among NCAA programs (11).

Bruin Plaza

With the sun gleaming across Bruin Plaza, it’s an amazing feeling being outdoors in one of UCLA’s central squares. However, taking a quick trip indoors to Ackerman Union and the UCLA Store, to explore some cool new apparel, is always a fun task.

Wilson Plaza

Heading west from Bruin Plaza takes you to one of the other popular crossroads on campus, Wilson Plaza. Its wide open space surrounded with trees and towering buildings, including Kaufman Hall and the Student Activities Center.

Janss Steps

In need of a quick workout? Take UCLA’s famous Janss Steps up to Royce Quad and get a jolt of energy before heading to class or exploring the rest of campus.

Royce Quad

You made it to the most famous of the famous quads at UCLA, Royce Quad. Grab a breath of fresh air, as you explore North Campus. Or take a minute to sit and relax next to the fountain, at the end of Janss Steps.

Royce Hall

The most iconic building at UCLA looks great any season, including the Spring!

Powell Library

It might be time for midterms or finals, so enter Powell Library quietly. Enjoy a great view of the entire Royce Quad from its famous front steps.

Young Research Library

The other popular library on the North Campus of UCLA is Charles E. Young Research Library. This enormous library is definitely worth a visit, with special collections and a focus on innovation, with collaborative workstations. At the same time, its famous fountain is very inviting to take a quick break under the Spring sun, and take in the beautiful environment of North Campus.

Bunche Hall

Bunche Hall stands tall overlooking the North Campus. Walk underneath its famous beams and explore the Murphy Sculpture Garden, located directly behind it.

De Neve Plaza

If you’re a student staying in the on-campus housing, De Neve Plaza is a beautiful and familiar site. Throughout the UCLA campus, beautiful buildings, its landscape and its natural surroundings make it a great place to visit during the Spring and any season.

We hope to see you on campus soon!



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