important things to know

When you finalize your event, we will provide you with an Event Order (EO) that covers the specific details as well as your rights and responsibilities. In the meantime, please see the information below for important things to know as we work together to plan your event.

advanced notice

Our experienced team of Sales and Event Managers are on hand to help meet the catering and event needs of your next occasion. For a smooth process, we recommend booking your event as early as possible. Orders and inquiries for event space may be placed by contacting us by phone at (310) 825-7021, via e-mail at

We require a minimum notice of seven (7) business days for any event requiring attendants. Orders received after 3:30 p.m. are dated the next business day and may incur additional fees for expedited service, if applicable (e.g., an additional $50 rush delivery fee per order, or additional $100 per order for served events).

Delivery orders can usually be accommodated with three (3) business day notice prior to the event date. Rest assured that we will make every effort to accommodate your catering requests. Again, it is best to provide as much advance notice as possible.

booking confirmation and payment

Once a catering order is placed with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail outlining all the details of your order. University clients using a recharge account will be automatically billed after the conclusion of the event. Clients not using a university recharge account are required to pay the full balance seven (7) business days prior to their event.

Any catering deliveries or events booked less than seven (7) business days from the event date are required to pay by credit card using our online payment service. Non-university clients are subject to sales tax.

Please note that a signed confirmation of your event order must be submitted to the UCLA Conferences & Catering Office no later than 48 hours prior to a delivery, or 72 hours prior to a served event.

minimum orders and holiday fees

The following are minimum requirements for any food and beverage orders:

  • A minimum order of $150 is required for weekday deliveries on the UCLA campus.
  • A minimum order of $5,000 is required for Saturday and Sunday evening events held in the Grand Horizon and Palisades Ballroom.
  • A minimum order of $3,000 is needed for deliveries and $5,000 minimum for events scheduled on Sundays.
  • Requests for deliveries held on UCLA recognized holidays must meet a $5000 minimum and are subject to approval from UCLA Conferences & Catering.
  • Requests for events held on UCLA recognized holidays must meet a $7,000 minimum and are subject to approval from UCLA Conferences & Catering.

event-related charges

A $50 fee will be assessed for any after-hours delivery or pick-up (Monday through Friday, before
7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.; weekends after 5:00 p.m.).

A $30 return trip fee will be assessed for any delivery or pick-up due to inaccessibility (e.g., locked rooms, meetings running late, or any other reason our equipment is not readily available for pick-up at the previously agreed upon time).

A $25 processing fee will be assessed for any changes made to orders within 24 hours of the event.

guarantee of attendance

Please note that a Final Guarantee of Attendance is required five (5) business days prior to the event date and/or three (3) business days prior to your delivery date. If a final guarantee is not received within this time period, we will use the guarantee provided on the Event Order. Please note that this number will be considered a guarantee and not subject to reduction. Any increases to your guarantee are subject to approval based on the stated deadlines above.

cancellations – food and beverage

All catered events are subject to the policies, procedures, and guidelines set by UCLA Conferences & Catering. UCLA Conferences & Catering must be notified in writing of any menu item cancellations in order to avoid cancellation charges. Events cancelled will be subject to the following charge:

  • Fourteen (14) business days prior to event date — 25% of total Food & Beverage Revenue
  • Ten (10) business days prior to event date: — 50% of total Food & Beverage Revenue
  • Seven (7) business days prior to event date — 75% of total Food & Beverage Revenue
  • Five (5) business days prior to event date — 100% of total Event Order Revenue (to include Meeting Room, Audio-Visual, any rental equipment, floral arrangements, etc.)

For any Meeting Room cancellations, please refer to the cancellation clause listed in your signed Meeting/Event Agreement.

served meals & buffets

Served meals are priced for a minimum of 20 guests and include china, glass and silverware, table linens, hot beverages, iced tea, and iced water. Service attendants are included for up to two (2) hours, after which overtime charges will apply.

Buffets are priced for a minimum of 30 guests and include china or melamine buffet serve ware with disposable tableware, hot beverages, iced tea and iced water. Service attendants are included for up to two (2) hours, after which overtime charges will apply. China service outside of our facilities will be an extra $3.50 per person. Please inform your Sales Manager of your event timeline, so that meal service can be timed accordingly.

We require that adequate staging facilities be made available to our catering staff. Please ensure that the event location and staging area is accessible a minimum of two (2) hours prior to event start time. We reserve the right to inspect your event and staging area in advance.

In order to provide the best service possible, UCLA Conferences & Catering will assist in determining the appropriate level of staffing needed for your reception and/or any à la carte meal that does not include service attendants. Please note that UCLA Conferences & Catering employees may not accept gratuities.

Depending on the needs of your event, additional attendant fees may apply and are listed below:

  • Up to two (2) hours of service at a rate of $130 per attendant for events that do not already include staffing services.
  • Up to two (2) hours of service by a Beverage Attendant is available at $130 per attendant for events with a bar setup.
  • An hourly rate of $30 per attendant will be charged for any overtime staffing required in excess of two (2) hours.

alcoholic beverage service

Alcoholic beverages are permitted and can be provided at our events. Please speak with your sales & event manager for specifics.

insurance for non-ucla clients

Non-UCLA clients must submit a Certificate of Insurance or a letter of self-insurance to UCLA Conferences & Catering at least ten (10) business days prior to your event. The insurance coverage must indicate:

  • The Regents of the University of California specifically named as additionally insured
  • Policy dates covering the period of your event
  • Minimum coverage as specified in your UCLA Conferences & Catering contract.

If your event includes service of alcoholic beverages, your UCLA Conferences & Catering Sales Manager will work with you to determine if any additional insurance coverage is needed for your event.

table, chair and room set-up

On the occasion in which events take place outside of UCLA Conferences & Catering facilities (De Neve Plaza, Carnesale Commons or Sunset Village), we ask that all tables and chairs be set up prior to the scheduled arrival of our catering staff. Additional charges may be applied if any assistance with setup, such as moving furniture, is required by our staff.

trash disposal & recycling

Outdoor events require that waste and recycling receptacles be made accessible to attendees. Please contact UCLA Facilities Management directly at (310) 206-3041 to make any necessary arrangements.

delivery service policies

To ensure a successful delivery, we ask that you provide building access and/or an unlocked delivery location at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time, as shown on the event order. Adequate loading and parking arrangements must be confirmed prior to delivery. If there is no parking available, clients will be charged an attendant fee to stay with the vehicle.

Please note that UCLA Conferences & Catering does not provide tables for deliveries. Clients are asked to arrange for table setup or adequate counter space to be made available 30 minutes prior to the event start time. In an effort to be sustainable, table linens are not included with standard delivery orders. For your convenience, we offer rentable linens at a cost of $6.25 per standard table cover. Alternatively, we offer eco-friendly and disposable linens at $3.50 per six-foot table cover. China service is not available on deliveries.

We ask that our clients ensure the safeguarding of all UCLA Conferences & Catering property and equipment dropped off at the event/delivery site. Any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment is subject to additional fees (no more than replacement value) and will be charged to the client’s master bill.

In compliance with health code regulations, perishable food items can only be presented for a maximum of four hours. Due to inventory controls, UCLA Conferences & Catering’s equipment must be picked up within a four-hour period. It is our policy to pick up any equipment on loan within a one-hour window following the event end time, as indicated on the event order.

Please also make note of the following terms and conditions:

  • UCLA Conferences & Catering is not responsible for any clean-up after an event. We will only pick up the equipment on loan.
  • For any deliveries to outdoor or public areas, please ensure that the client or a department representative be present to receive the delivery and provide supervision prior to and during the event.
  • Adequate loading and/or parking must be available for all Westwood deliveries.
  • A $50 Long-Haul Fee will be assessed for any delivery without loading, parking, or elevator accessibility.
  • For any large delivery set-ups, additional Delivery Assistants may be required as determined by your Sales Manager at a flat rate of $30 per assistant.