The auditorium has fixed seating for 350 guests.

Inquire with your event coordinator about special staging arrangements.

The conveniently located venue includes separate ticket window and lobby.

Northwest Campus Auditorium

Ideal Performance and Presentation Setting

Conveniently located in Sunset Village, the Northwest Campus Auditorium has fixed seating for 350 guests and is an ideal choice for multimedia presentations, teleconferences, lectures, film screenings, or small theatrical performances. This space features a professional-grade projection, lighting and sound booth, an 850-square foot stage, two dressing rooms, and a lobby area that is perfect for event registration and refreshment breaks. A ticket office is accessible from both inside and outside the building.


  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Audio-Visual Tech & Support

  • Exclusive On-Site Catering Provided by UCLA

  • Experienced Event Facilitators & Conference Managers

  • On-site Parking Options

  • Team Building Activities

  • Award-Winning Sustainability Practices

Your Content is King

This traditional theater-style auditorium is a classic setting for events that demand attention — guest speaker lectures, film screenings, multimedia presentations, small theatrical performances, and more.

Audio Visual Aids

Along with our professional-grade audio-visual technology, our highly trained technology support team is on hand to ensure that everything operates smoothly during your event with no glitches — whether it’s a live presentation, screening or teleconference.

A Space to Gather & Make Connections

Attendees have room to gather, meet, and make connections in the ample lobby of the Northwest Campus Auditorium. This is also an ideal space for organizers to set up a check-in or registration table, or provide further information after a program.

Convenient to Adjacent Meeting Locations

The Northwest Campus Auditorium is adjacent to the meeting rooms in Covel Commons in Sunset Village, and just a short walk away from the event spaces in De Neve Plaza. The Auditorium’s central location in UCLA’s on-campus residential community place it within convenient walking distance to the core campus and parking.

Northwest Campus Auditorium

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