summer conference policy details

In addition to the policies and procedures mentioned under Meeting Venue Rental Policies, the following is additional information related to booking an overnight Summer Conference with us.

attrition charges

The Group will be responsible for ninety percent (90%) of its guaranteed sleeping room block. If the actual room usage by the Group falls below ninety percent (90%), the Group will still be charged the number of packages guaranteed in the contract, at time of signing, multiplied by ninety percent (90%).

cancellation charges

If the Group agrees that should it change its meeting location or otherwise cancel their contract, actual damages would be difficult to determine. The following cancellation fees represent a reasonable effort on behalf of UCLA Conferences & Catering to establish actual damages for such cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, the Attrition Clause is no longer applicable. Said cancellation fees shall be due and payable on demand to UCLA Conference Services:

  • Written Notice Received 12 Months – 9 Months from scheduled event date: Cancellation fee – 75% of Group’s anticipated Gross Revenues*
  • Written Notice Received 9 Months – 6 Months from scheduled event date: Cancellation fee – 90% of Group’s anticipated Gross Revenues*
  • Written Notice Received Less Than 6 Months from scheduled event date: Cancellation fee – 100% of Group’s anticipated Gross Revenues*

*Gross Revenues is derived from the Package Rate value (inclusive of a meal plan) of contracted sleeping rooms, all Catering functions, and any auxiliary services if the conference/event was held as scheduled.


Parking permits are required at all times for all vehicles parked on campus. The Group may purchase parking permits and arrange parking services in advance and no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to the Group’s arrival date. Please contact your Sales Manager for current pricing set at the discretion of UCLA Parking Services. UCLA Conferences & Catering will request parking lot assignments closest to the residential facility where the majority of the Group is residing.

Unused parking permits will be refunded, minus a $50.00 processing fee or a total of 10% of those permits, whichever is greater, if returned no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Group’s departure date. Parking permits are considered unused if there is no date written on daily permits and no initials on the long-term conference permits. Unused permits must be returned in bulk and not on an individual basis. The University is not liable for theft, damage to, or loss of vehicles parked on campus. Vehicles not visibly displaying parking permits, parked illegally or parked in a location not designated on the permit, are subject to ticketing and towing. UCLA Conferences & Catering will not be responsible for any violations or fines.

ada venues

Residence Halls managed by UCLA Conferences & Catering contain units accessible to people with disabilities. Acceptable rooms for persons with disabilities will be provided at the same cost as those rooms contracted for by the Group. To ensure that specific rooms are provided, please assess the needs of the participants with disabilities and inform  UCLA Conferences & Catering a minimum of fifteen (15) business days prior to the Group’s arrival of any special requests. The Group’s obligation is to make certain that the program is conducted in such a manner that it is accessible to all persons with disabilities.

tobacco free facility / drug policy

As a leader in healthcare and environmental practices, UCLA recognizes its responsibility to exercise leadership by enforcing a smoke and tobacco-free environment. The definition of smoke-free means that smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (i.e. “e-cigarettes”) will be strictly prohibited throughout the entire University campus. The University also prohibits: Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, or sale of, or the attempted manufacture, distribution, dispensing, or sale of controlled substances, identified in Federal and State law or regulations. Possession of paraphernalia for intended or implied use of controlled substances, or paraphernalia possessing controlled substance residue are prohibited.

film permits

The Group is permitted to photograph or otherwise record an event at UCLA venues for non-profit news coverage, training, educational, membership and/or archival use only. The Group must obtain the University’s prior written approval and follow guidelines delineated in the UCLA Photography, Motion Picture, and Television Permit. The Group must contact UCLA Events Office via UCLA Conferences & Catering to obtain the permit. The Group’s photographers and videographersmust carry a copy of UCLA’s film permit with them at all times.

security / supervision

UCLA Conferences & Catering is not responsible for providing supervision. UCLA Conferences & Catering reserves the right to charge accordingly if ratio (i.e. 1:10 for underage guests) of chaperones to participants is insufficient, resulting in the need to contact UCLA Campus Escort/Security Office for additional supervision or another reputable agency that is approved by UCLA Conferences & Catering.


Property of the Group is the sole responsibility of the Group and/or its owner. The Group agrees that it has procured sufficient insurance to cover the loss of such property. The Group hereby waives any claims under UCLA Conferences & Catering’s insurance policy for the loss of the Group’s property or the property of any of its attendees or invitees. The Group must submit to UCLA Conferences & Catering a Certificate of Insurance, or a letter of permissible self-insurance. UCLA Conferences & Catering must receive both the ACORD Certificate of Insurance along with Additional Insured Endorsement specifically naming The Regents of the University of California as additional insured. The documents submitted must show evidence that the Group is insured for the period of the conference/program with a minimum coverage outlined below.

Insurance requirements per occurrence:

Per occurrence: $1,000,000.
Sexual Abuse & Molestation: $1,000,000.
Sexual Abuse & Molestation Aggregate: $2,000,000.
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate: $2,000,000.
Personal & Advertising Injury: $1,000,000.
General Aggregate: $2,000,000.
Business Automobile: $1,000,000.
Worker’s Compensation: As required by California law

If The Group needs an insurance provider to meet the above requirements, UCLA Conferences & Catering recommends visiting the UCLA CampusConnexions portal. Please contact directly, as this is a third party insurance provider arranged by The University as a service to assist both domestic and international groups.