conference & meeting policies

In addition to the policies and procedures that apply to all Catering orders, the following is additional information related to events booked in Carnesale Commons, Covel Commons, the Northwest Campus Auditorium, and De Neve Plaza.

meeting room cancellation policy

UCLA Conferences & Catering must be notified in writing ninety (90) business days prior to event date of any meeting room cancellations in order to avoid meeting room cancellation charges. Meeting rooms canceled less than ninety (90) business days prior to reserved event date are subject to the following cancellation charges:

  • Upon Execution of the Agreement and up to ninety (90) business days prior to event date — 20% of Meeting Room Rental
  • Less than ninety (90) business days prior to event date — 50% of Meeting Room Rental
  • Less than sixty (60) business days prior to event date — 75% of Meeting Room Rental
  • Less than thirty (30) business days prior to event date — 100% of Meeting Room Rental

audio-visual equipment

UCLA Conferences & Catering maintains an in-house inventory of audio-visual equipment. This equipment is offered to clients on a first-come, first-served basis. All A/V equipment must be ordered seven (7) business days prior to your event. Final arrangements and any changes must be made three (3) business days prior to your event. If we need to rent additional equipment due to high demand, additional charges will apply. You may bring your own A/V equipment, however, it is your group’s sole responsibility and subject to daily set-up charges. Please note that UCLA Conferences & Catering is not liable for any theft or malfunctioning of outside A/V equipment brought in for an event.

outside food and beverage

In effort to maintain the highest standards for quality, no outside food or beverages may be brought into UCLA Conferences & Catering’s meeting facilities. These include Carnesale Commons, Covel Commons, the Northwest Campus Auditorium and De Neve Plaza. All food and beverages served at an event must be provided by UCLA Conferences & Catering. Our policy also strictly prohibits the removal of food from any catered function by any attendee.

insurance for non-ucla clients

Non-UCLA clients must submit a Certificate of Insurance or a letter of self-insurance to UCLA Conferences & Catering at least ten (10) business days prior to your event. The insurance coverage must indicate:

  • The Regents of the University of California specifically named as additionally insured
  • Policy dates covering the period of your event
  • Minimum coverage as specified in your UCLA Conferences & Catering contract.

If your event includes service of alcoholic beverages, your UCLA Conferences & Catering Sales Manager will work with you to determine if any additional insurance coverage is needed for your event.

event material storage and handling

If your event requires the storage and handling of convention materials, please be sure to notify your Sales Manager one month in advance of your event date – please have pertinent information ready such as delivery and setup schedule, shipping and receiving needs, and quantity of boxes expected to be received by UCLA Conferences & Catering.

Due to limited storage space, boxes must be delivered no earlier than 72 hours prior to your event date. All received boxes must be sent to the attention of your Sales Manager with the event name and event date referenced on each box. There is a $10 per box handling fee for any boxes received at our facility. Client is responsible for removing all packages and materials from the venue at the close of the event. A clean-up fee may be applicable if items are left behind.

signage, displays and damages

Pre-approved signage is permitted in registration areas and immediately outside function rooms. Any additional locations must be approved in advance by your Sales Manager. We request that all signage, displays, and/or exhibit setups are of professional nature and quality, and that they conform to Los Angeles County Fire Code regulations.

In order to safeguard university property, UCLA Conferences & Catering prohibits the use of nails, staples, push pins, and/or tape to adhere any type of signage or displays to walls, furniture, or any part of our facilities. In the event these items are used without prior authorization and damage to university property is caused as a result, all repair, clean-up, and/or replacement costs will be charged to the client’s master bill. Your Sales Manager can facilitate the rental of easels to display your signage.

Please note that UCLA Conferences & Catering is not responsible for the retention or removal of any signs, banners, and/or decorations. In addition, we are not liable for the security of our clients’ audiovisual equipment, whether owned or rented, or any other special equipment used during the event.

film and photography at ucla requires a permit

If you wish to film or photograph an event at UCLA, you must obtain a permit from UCLA Events Office. Please inform your UCLA Conferences & Catering Sales and Event Manager at least ten (10) business days prior to your event if filming will occur at your event. Groups filming or photographing events must follow permit guidelines and your group’s photographers must carry a copy of the permit with them at all times.