View of the side of Carnesale Commons conference venue at UCLA

Building Locations

Conveniently Located Conference Venues

All of our conference venues are located north of the main campus between Sunset Boulevard and Charles E. Young Drive. See the map

Sunset Village Parking

The first stop for a day of conferences is the Sunset Village Parking Structure, located at 200 De Neve Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024. This multi-level underground structure offers day and hourly parking passes. For more information, see the UCLA Parking Office Paring Rates and Fees page.

Covel Commons

Covel Commons is located above and adjacent to the Sunset Village Parking Structure. If you have a meeting in the Grand Horizon Room, in the outside terrace, or in Covel Commons' numerous salons, it will be located in this building. The address for Covel Commons is also 200 De Neve Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

Northwest Campus Auditorium

The Northwest Campus Auditorium is a 2-minute walk south from Covel Commons adjacent to Sproul Hall with its entrance on the Sproul Turnaround. This auditorium's address is 350 De Neve Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

Carnesale Commons

If you're conference or event is in the Palisades Room or the smaller Hermosa, Venice and Malibu rooms, then you'll want to walk over to Carnesale Commons, located just south of the Northwest Campus Auditorium. The address for Carnesale Commons is also 350 De Neve Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

De Neve Plaza

If you have a meeting in De Neve Plaza or will be dining at De Neve Commons, you will want to walk even further south of Covel Commons, by about 5 minutes to 351 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90024.