September 28, 2020

UCLA: Birthplace of the Internet

October 29, 1969.
Room 3420 at Boelter Hall on the south campus of UCLA.
A team of students led by Leonard Kleinrock, distinguished professor of computer science at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, sent the first message over the Arpanet…. and the rest was history.

The Internet is a significant part of everyone’s lives, from providing many people with jobs, playing a big role in the way we communicate and to providing us with almost everything we need, including entertainment and shopping. And it all traces its roots back to UCLA.

Here are some great photos and videos, as well as a link with amazing content in celebration of over 50 years of this magnificent achievement: https://samueli.ucla.edu/internet50/

How It All Works

A Moment in History, That You Can Hopefully See Soon

When it does re-open, Boelter Hall 3420 is a definite must-see. For everyone who loves to surf online and who loves history, they’ll find the origin of both and have a great time seeing all the original computers and other tools used for the transmission.

Boelter Hall 3420, as it looks today, celebrating the first transmission that led to the Internet.

WRITTEN BY: Oshin Aivazian, UCLA

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