September 16, 2020

Best Places to do Outdoor Virtual Meetings in L.A.: The Beach

These days it’s hard to find time to go outside when we’re juggling remote work, school and other responsibilities especially given the current circumstances. But with outdoor areas such as beaches opening up again, why not bring your daily routine outdoors? Beach lovers now have the chance to work from home in paradise! With a couple of tips and tricks for working at Mother Nature’s home office, we’ll show you how easy it is to take your work with you anywhere you go.

To start, let’s talk about what you’ll need to set up shop at some of these fantastic locations here in L.A. Although you may be tempted to place your chair right near the water, the crashing waves may be quite noisy when it comes to making phone calls and hosting virtual meetings. Plus, other beach-goers may pose a noise problem too. Be sure to find the right distance between the sand and the waves where you can still enjoy the view but leave out all those harsh background noises.

Most importantly, don’t forget to charge the battery on your laptop, cell phone, and other electronic devices before you go because so far we haven’t come across any beaches with outlets (although maybe one day that will change)!

With these tips in mind, we’ve put together some of the best beaches here in Los Angeles that you can visit to get some needed sunshine and still do your virtual meeting. They are:

Santa Monica Beach

We don’t mean near the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, where large crowds flock even during the weekdays, but a mile north near the California Incline. This area typically has very few people walking and sitting on the sand. This stretch of Santa Monica Beach, just off theHighway One and California Avenue, is a calm retreat along one of Southern California’s most popular beaches.

Will Rogers State Beach

Drive just a few miles north toward the Pacific Palisades and Malibu and you’ll find yourself at Will Rogers State Beach. This is also a quiet spot on weekdays where you can do a bit of work, including virtual meetings on the sand. However, Will Rogers State Beach charges a fee for parking. Santa Monica Beach luckily has cheaper, if not free, parking above the beach area and near the California Incline on streets like Washington Ave. or Idaho Ave.

Manhattan Beach

It’s a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Make sure you set up on the sand away from the volleyball areas, as Manhattan Beach is the capital of beach volleyball. While many have refrained from playing in the context of the pandemic, there still might be a sizable and noisy crowd playing some volleyball and music. However, a quarter mile from the Manhattan Beach Pier is quite secluded and a perfect place to do work. Manhattan Beach is also unique in that food is much quicker to access than the other beaches we’ve mentioned. So, if you get hungry, look up all the local spots for lunch on Manhattan Beach Ave. near the world-famous Strand.

Marine Peninsula Beach

This hidden (and quiet) gem is just south of Venice Beach and features very small crowds. Plus, it’s a gorgeous atmosphere with ample parking nearby on Via Marina. You’ll find a great atmosphere that’s stress free (not dealing with parking, like some of the other beaches on this list), and if you get bored and need a break, there’s still plenty going on in neighboring Venice Beach.

Cabrillo Beach

Although Cabrillo Beach is the farthest beach from UCLA on this list, it is still a great option. Located all the way in San Pedro, going there won’t be a disappointment. Not only is it quiet, but it is also incredibly scenic. Picnic tables are readily available for you to set up your computer and temporary work station so no need to haul a beach chair out here. You can even take your bike with you too as there are also plenty of places to go riding, including its popular paved bike path.

We hope these suggestions will allow you to take some of your work outdoors to a quiet setting along a beautiful beach. It may enhance your productivity and it may provide you with a great break from any daily stress, as you can relax on the sand between breaks or take the bike out on the bike path during lunch.


WRITTEN BY: Oshin Aivazian, UCLA

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